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During the current crisis, businesses have worked faster and better than they dreamed possible just a few months ago. Maintaining that sense of possibility within our people will be an enduring source of competitive advantage. 

As we think about the next phase of work, we should be mindful to consider how we rewire our organisations for speed; based on design, rather than just adrenaline. 

Indeed, the next phase is not a plan with an end goal – it is a constantly moving beast.

So, for PUSH’s 3rd annual event, we heard from seven world class speakers about how we can best equip our organisations and people to be resilient to whatever change comes next because, after all, ‘Change is Inevitable but Growth is Intentional’.

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Key takeaways from 7 incredible speakers on the following topics:

  • Managing the Impact of Uncertainty on Your Team
  • Leadership in the Future of Work
  • How We Can Learn from Each Other if We’re Not Together
  • Developing People First Cultures to Grow Through Crisis
  • Creating Inclusive Cultures that Enable Peak Performance

Meet Our Speakers

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Cate Murden

Founder & CEO of PUSH


Jochen Menges

Cambridge Professor in Leadership & Organisational Behaviour


Adah Parris

Futurist, Speaker & TED2019 Emerging Innovator


Dominic Monkhouse

Proven Fast Scaling Tech Leader, Coach & Author


Dr. Hazel Harrison

Clinical Psychologist, Award Winning Presenter & Coach


Trevor Johnson

Head of Marketing, Global Business Solutions, Europe at TikTok


Tom Cheesewright

Applied Futurist, Author, Speaker, & Presenter