The PUSH App Referral Partner Programme

The PUSH App Referral Programme provides our partners and customers with a simple, easy, and profitable way to refer employee wellbeing opportunities across our WellTech Platform.


Become a Referral Partner

Whether you are an affiliate, agent, master agent, innovation’s agency, HR consultant, or wellbeing coach, we want to help you earn commission by leveraging the Push Technology brand in the UK marketplace to uncover new opportunities and easily refer our solutions to your customers and prospects.

Referral partners receive immediate rewards and benefits for their referrals with a simple and intuitive "click to agree" contract that requires no commitment.

One App, Many People

PUSH in Your Pocket is perfect if you want to...

Quickly understand how your team are feeling - wherever they might be.

Provide support to team members who need it most.

Upskill your team to operate brilliantly now, as we work flexibly.

Help their teams feel connected, even when they're apart.



We're here to help you grow

PUSH Technology has made the referral program as easy and transparent as possible for us to earn more business together.

Unlike most programs that have lengthy and complicated contracts, in this program, there are no fees and no commitments.

At PUSH Technology it's simple – you are rewarded for referring leads. Our dedicated sales and support teams are here to help you learn, grow, and enhance our respective businesses for a rewarding and profitable relationship.

Rewarding your commitment

The Push App referral programme pays its partners in one simple, single payment that reflects the average monthly recurring revenue of the lead you passed to us. It's hassle-free and totally transparent.


How do we work together to help you drive referrals?

We offer free onboarding training, a full suite of marketing assets, trial access to help you promote our app and exclusive access to our partner events.

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